Docukit Data Protection App

Docukit Data Protection App

ICONZ-Webvisions Pte Ltd, in partnership with DocuKit, developed this tool as a result of the Open Innovation Platform’s Personal Data Asset Inventory Tool Challenge that is facilitated by the Personal Data Protection Commission Singapore. 

Today, it is challenging for the Data Protection Officers (DPOs) to understand the lifecycle of personal data in their organisation and effectively identify all personal data flows within, given that different departments collect different types of personal data of both their customers and employees via various touchpoints and channels. Consolidation of information is done manually, including the use of spreadsheet, which may be time-consuming for the DPOs. 

With the introduction of this free tool, you can use it to map and keep track of how personal data is being managed within your organisation and across all data touchpoints in a consistent manner, as well as monitor the remediation progress for the gaps and issues identified. This would allow you to understand all personal data flows in your organisation and manage the data protection risks in a more effective and productive manner. 

Key Features

·         Consistent and structured approach to manage and track submissions from various departments in your organisation

·         Applicable to all organisations regardless of industry or size

·         Free to use and make available on open source basis using MIT license

·         Efficient way to develop the personal data asset inventory for your organisation


Please click on download to be redirected to for the installer.

Or get a six month free online trial of the DDPA cloud version here  free cloud trial

You may find the source code here as well. 


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DDPA User Guide

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