Frequently asked Questions

General FAQ's

Do you offer shared hosting

iWV (ICONZ-Webvisions) is an entity created through the merger of 2 leading hosting providers, ICONZ in New Zealand and Webvisions in Singapore.

Founded in 1996, Webvisions offers a comprehensive suite of shared hosting services to help businesses establish their online presence. In 2017, iWV divested our shared hosting business  to cement our position as a Managed Services Provider (MSP). As a MSP, we proactively monitor clients’ IT resources and address clients’ pain points in areas such as Backup and Disaster Recovery.

Should you need any shared hosting services (e.g. domain, web hosting, email hosting), please contact our partner, Cloud Hosting Pte Ltd, at

What is Plesk and what are the Versions and Features

Plesk is a Hosting control panel that is used to manage your Servers, Websites , email and a lot more For a full list of the features and edition please look at our information page.

Plesk Features and Editions

Acronis backup FAQ's

How long does my order take to be setup ?

The order will be processed immediately upon successful payment. Generaly you will be able to use the backup system withing 15 minutes after payment


How do I access the backup console

You can login to the on-line ordering system at t then select services manage and select the Acronis service you will then see the current usage and can select the login button

How can I increase or decrease the number of devices or disk space

You can login to the on-line ordering system at then select services manage and select the Acronis service you will then see the increase or decrease option.
You cannot decrease below the currently in use number of devices or storage space currently used you will first need to remove an agent and or decrease your disk usage.

Billing FAQ's

What is the iWV E-Billing ?

The iWV E-Billing is the electronic version of your physical invoice. iWV is adopting a Go-Green and as such, paper invoices will no longer be issued. You can retrieve and view PDF bills at iWV Account portal at

What are the benefits of using E-Billing?

Enjoy easy access to your bills and account information, anytime and anywhere. No more misplacement of paper bills.

Get notified through e-mail when your bill is ready.

What mode of payments do you accept?

Payment through Credit Card at iWV Account Portal

Payment can be made through iWV Account portal via Credit Card. Simply navigate to the Invoice List in the Invoice tab, select the invoice (s) you want to pay for, and click ‘Check Out For Selected Invoices’.

As you proceed through, you will be brought to a secure page to complete your payment.


Payment through GIRO

GIRO is an automated electronic payment service which allows you to make payment to iWV from your bank account.  You can sign up for GIRO by completing the Direct Debit Authorisation Form available here. The GIRO arrangement will be in place once your application is approved.


Payment through Cheque

Please make your cheque payable to ICONZ-Webvisions Pte Ltd. Do remember to write your client code annd invoice number on the back of the cheque and mail it using the Business Reply Envelope available at (hyperlink to redirect to self-print BRE) to the following address:

23 Tai Seng Drive


Singapore 535224


How do I view my invoice?

You can access invoices within the iWV Account portal. Go to Invoice > Invoice List to see a list of invoices. Click on the invoice you need and once it loads, you can choose to print, download or email the invoice.

How do I update my Contact and Billing information?

Please submit your request to our Billing Team at

I have forgotten my password. How can I reset?

Simply click "Forgotten Password" on the iWV Account portal and a reset password will be sent to the main authorise contact in the records. Alternatively, you may send in your request to

Online Ordering FAQ's

How do I cancel a service

You can login to the on-line ordering system at then select the billing tab and then renewals. You can then select the services you do not wish to auto-renew and they will automatically cancel at the end of the existing service term

How do I update my payment details

You can login to the on-line ordering system at then select the billing tab you can then select either the Credit card tab or Paypal tab and update your details. If you have both Paypal and a Credit card you can also select the default billing method for auto-renewal

What payment methods are there for online orders?

You can pay via Credit card or PayPal and your Credit card  or PayPal account will be charged for renewals automatically unless you disable automatic renewal in the control panel.

Bare Metal FAQ's

How long does my server take to set up?

Once you order and pay online, the setup will typically take 1 hour depending on the Operating system you have selected.

Will I get full access to the server?

While you will not get physical access to the server, your account will have full administrative access.
In the case of Linux, you will get root access and for Windows your access will be the administrator account.

You can also access the console by logging into the control panel and selecting the KVM link.

Do the bare metal servers have RAID?

All the Bare Metal servers have hardware RAID 1 ( e.g 2 drives that are mirrored).

How to I power off the server or reboot the server?

You can use the control panel to power off the server or reboot the server at any time. Additionally, you can enable or disable the network at any time.

How do I change the operating system?

You can logon to the control panel and select to re-image the sever at any time and select from one of the available operating systems.

If your server was originally set up with Linux, please note that you may have to purchase a Windows license first before you choose Windows. The license can be purchased in the control panel once you select to re-image the server.  

How do I access the KVM?

Logon to the control panel and select KVM.  This will open up in a new Tab. If it does not appear, please ensure you allow pop-ups in your browser.

Once you are at the KVM screen you can either type in the username and password or if you mouse over to the user box, you can click on the Login button and likewise for the password.

Inside the KVM you can select launch console. This will download a file in the browser and you must select keep

KVM down load


















Once you click on this you may get a Java security warning. Please select run and the console should open.


Java warning










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