Network Status

28 October 9:55 am

All networking issues are resolved we will continue to monitor for any issues. If you have any problem please contact


28 October 8:40 am

The networking issue is resolved for most customers but we are aware of a small number of customers still affected.
Our engineers are currently working to resolve these issues.


28 October 8:00 am

Currently some customers are affected by a network connectivity issue.
Our engineers are aware of the issue and are urgently investigating the problem.

We will update you as soon as we have more information.


17 Sep 1.00pm

We have implemented further changes to isolate the link stability issue for the remaining few customers and have effectively resolved observable issue.  We are closely monitoring the status of this issue.  In the meantime, we are continuing our follow up with the provider on resolving the network device stability issue.

17 Sep 9.00am

The uplink service provider is still working on replacing their network device.  However, in the interim, we have effectively isolated the affected uplink. Majority of our customers should not encounter further intermittent connectivity; we are monitoring the network closely. For the very few customers who are still affected, we will continue to work on resolving your issue. Rest assured we are committed to get your connection up as fast as we can. In the meantime, we will keep you posted on the latest updates.


17 Sep, 6.00am

Our monitoring show the status of the link has been stable from 6pm to 5am.  However the intermittent issue has started again.

Effort to isolate the affected uplink is in progress and taking longer than usual due to complexity in network configuration.

16 Sep, 9.00pm

We received feedback from provider that there is complication encountered in executing the replacement and they have escalated to their vendor for further support.

We have started to work on workaround and isolating the affected uplink.

16 Sep, 6.00pm

The issue is isolated to network device hardware stability on the provider.  The provider is working on replacement of the affected device.

16 Sep, 4.00pm

Since 12.00 noon, one of our uplinks is having intermittent issue whereby connectivity is disrupted. This is causing partial network disruption for 5-10 minutes when the issue occurred.  During disruption, connectivity via that particular routing path is disrupted.


22 June, 4.00pm

We noted one of our network provider line was showing intermittent connection.  We had contacted the ISP provider, however, to prevent any potential or further inconvenience to our customer, we took the action of isolating that line.   This was resolved by 4.09 pm.  We apologise to any affected customer.


13 April, 3.00pm

Our ISP Provider has come back with an initial finding with regards to the network downtime on 3 April 2018, 2.35pm - 3.00pm. However, we are unsatisfied with the findings provided and have submitted an inquiry requesting for more details and better preventive measures. They have acknowledged our inquiry but have yet to provide an estimated timeline with their replies.

We therefore seek your kind understanding and patience while we await a satisfactory answer from our ISP.


12 April, 10.00am


Customers whose servers have updated this patch automatically/manually will experience a loss of static IPs upon completion. Here is the official notification by Microsoft:

Please note that we have deployed emergency call back of all technical specialist to assist on this immediate endeavor to mitigate this issue until Microsoft provides a patch fix . We seek your kind understanding as our engineers are working on this. Should you require immediate assistance, please reach out to your assigned Account Manager or our Sales OPs, Jaga at for details of your Account Manager.


6 April, 3.30pm

We have ascertain that the network downtime on 3 April 2018 2.35pm - 3.00pm was directly related to our ISP provider. We have been advised that a formal incident report will be made available within the next 5 working days as investigations are still being carried out. Should there be any further delay, we will update accordingly on our website. Thank you for your kind patience and understanding!


3 April, 3.00pm

One of our network line experienced intermittent connectivity issues from 2.35pm to 3.00pm. We are working with the ISP provider to understand why.  Whilst the line has since been stable, we've isolated it.   Traffic is still being directed out through 2 other network lines with significant excess capacity.   During this period, some of our customer were affected by the intermittent line issue. The fall-over took a bit of time as the network was not completely down.

Your account managers will follow up with affected customers for a detailed incident report.


24 Nov, 4.00pm

Readiness of Incident Report

iWV would like to inform our customers that the incident report for the network latency on 10 Nov 2017 is now ready. Your Account Manager will be sending it to you shortly. Once again, thank you for your patience and kind understanding.


15 Nov, 12.30pm

We would like to inform all customers that the incident report scheduled to release to you today with regards to the intermittent connectivity issue last Friday will be delayed. We are currently awaiting the incident and recommendation report from our ISP vendor before we can properly consolidate a comprehensive report to you. We seek your kind understanding and patience in this matter. We will at our best effort, target to send the incident report to you before end of this week. 


10 Nov, 9.20pm

Good news! We have managed to resolve the latency issue and full network services have been resumed. We will be opening a window period for the next two hours where our engineers, together with our vendors, will be monitoring the network stability. Furthermore, we will be doing another diagnostic check on the network on Saturday, 11 November 2017, at 2300hrs. Should there be a need to reinforce the current network stability, an emergency maintenance will be conducted. Our trusted network advisors have assured that this emergency maintenance will not in any way affect your connectivity as it is only a re-route of a network. iWV will be targeting for our Account Managers to release today's incident report by 15 November 2017. We seek your full understanding and patience in this matter. Please come back to the website periodically to check for more updates.


10 Nov 2017, 7.20pm

We are close to reaching the final leg of the troubleshooting. Please bear with us while we work towards resolving the issue once and for all. Please look out for our next update.


10 Nov 2017, 5.20pm

We are still working with our vendors to stabilize the network. Please look out for further updates.


10 Nov 2017, 4.20pm

We are still working religiously with our vendors to resolve the issue. We will keep you posted on any further updates. Once again, we are deeply apologetic for all the inconveniences caused.


10 Nov 2017, 2.10pm

Our vendors are still on-site to assist in troubleshooting the issue. However, there was an outage between 2.00pm - 2.10pm. We apologize for this short downtime. Rest assure we are still aggressively trying to resolve the persistent intermittent connectivity. We will be providing the next update in an hour's time should the problem persist.


10 Nov 2017, 12.58pm

Our network team together with our reputable network vendors are still working to resolve the matter. As such, we will be providing an hourly update on the progress till we can get a definite resolution time. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.


10 Nov 2017, 11.56am

Thank you for your patience. We have identified the issue and have currently introduced some changes on our network. Some customers will still experience latency in connectivity during this time. At the moment, we are still working towards resolving this matter by 1.00pm Singapore time.


10 Nov 2017, 10.58am

iWV is currently investigating a subset of customers who are experiencing packet loss in their connectivity. We will like to assure you that this is actively work upon by our network team with the assistance of our network vendors. We estimate to resolve this issue possibly within the next 2 hours based on the current analysis. Should there be any further delay, we will provide an update within the next hour on our website.


7 Nov 2017, 8.24pm

To all our Valued Customers:

iWV would like to extend our utmost gratitude to all our customers who have shown great support and kind understanding during our Data Center migration. During this period, there were some minor hiccups but because of your endless support and accommodation, we were able to resolve every issue almost immediately.

However, during this final phase of our migration which involves migrating the entire network from Science Park to Tai Seng, we have experienced glitches spanning between 3 November 2017 to 7 November 2017. This resulted in intermittent connectivity for some of our customers. Although the issues are completely isolated and not related in any manner, we have been working relentlessly with our vendors together with your support to resolve these outages. Investigations for these incidents are still on-going and once we have concluded our findings, iWV will at our best effort, target to provide a consolidated and comprehensive incident report to all our affected customers by this Friday, 10 November 2017. We sincerely request for your patience so that we may be able to compile a detailed and satisfactory report for you.

Once again, we would like to thank all our customers for your patience and understanding during this difficult period. We believed we can work together to overcome all difficulties and by doing so, iWV can continue to support your business and bring you to greater heights.

The iWV Team

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or call us at +65 6868 1199.

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