Hosting Services Beyond Web Hosting

iWV has been providing hosting services for businesses for more than two decades. We serve more than 10,000 clients spanning across industries such as banking, media, healthcare, IT, government and hospitality, etc. and having a regional footprint across Asia.

As a one of the pioneer hosting company in Singapore, our roots can be traced back to 1996, where we offered web hosting and email hosting for our customers.

Whether you are looking for traditional hosting or cloud hosting, iWV offers a wide range of hosting services:


A pay-as-you-use model. Ideal for businesses with no in-house IT expertise.

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Save the cost and hassle of purchasing your own server and let us manage your hardware, operating system and connectivity.

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Rent our data centre facilities and enjoy uninterrupted access to your server, scalable facilities and reliability.

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Once you have set up your IT infrastructure, it’s time for you to enforce Data Security measures and ensure Business Continuity through Backup and Disaster Recovery.