Affordable Data Analytics and Management Services for SMEs
10 Aug 2016

Singapore, 10 August 2016 - Cloud hosting specialist ICONZ-Webvisions (iWV) and business analytics experts ClayOPS have announced a new partnership that will give SMEs in Singapore greater access to affordable business analytics tools and services.

While leveraging on data can revolutionalise companies’ operations and improve their business strategies, it is often beyond the budget of smaller companies. These small and medium sized firms cannot afford the technology and expertise involved. The tie-up between iWV and ClayOPS, however, will allow these SMEs to tap the specialised business analytics tools developed by ClayOPS, a highly successful Singapore start-up, through the access provided by iWV, a large-scale provider of cloud-hosting services.

The tie-up not only gives SMEs access to a one-stop suite of specialised yet affordable services, but will also help them join in the national push to turn Singapore into a Smart Nation. Part of this vision sees companies mining and analysing data from their operations so that they can maximise their efficiency and spot opportunities for growth. Capturing data through the use of sensors, then analysing them, can give data-driven firms an advantage in business operations and strategic decisions.

“The ability to slice and cut data, and pinpoint areas of improvement in a fast and cost-effective way is highly desirable for business owners and leaders,” says Albert Wong, Group CEO of iWV. “Leveraging on business analytics used to be only available to large enterprises because of the exorbitant costs and efforts involved.  Today, with our partnership with ClayOPS, we can empower our clients with the ability to analyse their data via solutions that are simple and affordable.”

Matthew Choo, Director, Business & Consumer Insights, of ClayOPS, notes that MNCs and SMEs face similar challenges and opportunities when it comes to mining and analysing data. But SMEs are often placed at a disadvantage because they do not have the same access to data analytics that larger companies have, or are unaware of the value of these services.

“ClayOPS is in the business of helping clients understand and use their data better,” he says. “We are able to take our expertise, experience and technology we built for MNCs and make them easily available for SMEs. But ClayOPS being a local SME ourselves, we lack the resources and expertise to reach out widely to SMEs. With the iWV team, we share the same business direction and have the necessary complementary skill sets to help firms be better at using data.


About iWV (ICONZ-Webvisions)

Headquartered in Singapore, ICONZ-Webvisions (iWV) is a leading Cloud and Managed Services provider for services such as virtual servers, co-location and dedicated servers, as well as managed services such as backup, security, disaster recovery and monitoring. With more than 20 years of experience, the company serves more than 40,000 customers including Cycle & Carriage, Drew & Napier, OSIM, Hong Leong Finance, MCL Land, etc. For more information, go to


About ClayOps

ClayOps is a Singapore-based start-up that provides business analytics and data centric technological solutions. Powered by highly-specialised, experienced business-driven technology consultants, team, it helps companies derive insights and business opportunities from their data to aid in formulating business strategies and critical decision-making.

ClayOps’ customers include global and local players, MNCs and SMEs in industries such as IT, shipping, construction, manufacturing, retail, transport, hotels and defence. Well-known clients include SAP, Veritas, Microsoft, Symantec, Red Hat, NOL and Toshiba.


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