18 Apr 2017

Nothing changes as fast as technology. Keeping up with these changes, while maintaining the IT systems you already have, can be all consuming – especially if you’re running a small-to-medium-sized business. There are many reasons why it’s a good idea to outsource the bulk of your IT requirements to a Managed Services Provider. Here are our top five.


1. IT problems can be relentless and financially draining

There’s never a slow month in the IT world; there’s always another update to perform and a new platform to roll out. A Managed Services Provider turns chaotic processes into smooth ones – because this is what they specialise in. It could well be the tenth time that month that your MSP has encountered a particular problem, or made a particular update. They always have a quick solution to hand, because they’ve seen it all before – perhaps that morning, just down the road. Add to this a comprehensive knowledge of which software and apps work well together and you get more efficient operations and reduced operating costs.


2. Your own IT people are best utilised out of the server room

If you choose to have an IT person or department on site, it makes a stronger business case to hire people who have more general knowledge, rather than specialised skills. Having IT people who operate at an engagement level helps your staff to best utilise existing and new technologies. Not only does this keep operations ticking over without delays, it helps to constantly evolve and expand your business. Meanwhile, you can leave the ‘digital nuts and bolts’ to a Managed Services Provider; people who are trained to get ‘under the hood’ and come back out quickly, job done. While your IT people generalise, an MSP will specialise; tailoring solutions in the process to further streamline your systems.


3. You deal with sensitive information

Every company has sensitive information of some kind that they need to keep locked down – with many needing to store and transmit critical data such as personal details and financial records. A Managed Services Provider will ensure this information is protected at all times, so it can’t be burnt down or otherwise stolen. As electronic storage, security, backup and disaster recovery experts, an MSP will reduce risk at every stage of the storage and retrieval process.


4. Technology budgets fluctuate

The cost of software licensing and hardware updates vary wildly – you can’t always plan when you’ll need them, so they’re hard to budget for. A Managed Services Provider pulls you off this financial rollercoaster into a situation where you can breathe easily, knowing exactly what your fixed fee will be each month and being able to budget accordingly. This price is usually the same no matter how much support you need; any surprises are not yours to deal with.


5. Your service needs are always a priority

When you have a contract with an MSP, your IT needs will be prioritised 24/7. There’s no IT guy off sick, needing training, or bungling his way through a problem. Your systems will be constantly monitored and if an issue arises it will be identified and resolved before it can impact your business. Managing, maintaining, operating and supporting your IT infrastructure is what Managed Service Providers do all day, every day. So you can rest assured that they’re doing it well.