CRiSTAL moves to cloud as they expand their operations



"We have been very happy with ICONZ-Webvisions (iWV) so far. The price and service they provide fit well with our customers’ budget and requirements." - Daniel Lee Senior Consultant CRiSTAL Solutions Pte Ltd

Situation: CRiSTAL Solutions has always been hosting their solution and customers database on ICONZ-Webvisions’ (iWV) Dedicated Servers since 2011. As they expands their operations, customers’ requirements also start to evolve. They were getting more requests from customers to provide their solutions through the cloud in order to reduce CAPEX. Coincidentally, CRiSTAL was also considering moving their operations and offerings to the cloud to cut down on investment and gain a competitive edge in the market with a value-for-money solution.

Task: CRiSTAL Solutions was looking for a vendor to provide cloud hosting solutions for some of their customers to host their applications database. At the same time, they were also looking at how cloud can help with their own expansion. Based on their research, they are very clear that with the scalability and flexibility of cloud, they will be able to elevate their business.

Action: In 2013, iWV proposed a comprehensive cloud hosting solution that will address the requirements from both CRiSTAL and their clients. By using iWV’s cloud, CRiSTAL will be able to host their clients’ applications and customers’ database on the cloud. This reduced both CRiSTAL and their clients investments significantly. By going on the cloud, CRiSTAL also gained a competitive edge against their competitors who are not able to offer cloud services to their clients.

Result: With iWV’s cloud solution, CRiSTAL was able to adhere to their customers’ budget and requirements. With cloud’s stability and scalability, they were also able to provision for their customers in a very short time. Moreover, there was no upfront hardware investment which meant more savings.

CRiSTAL Solutions Private Limited is formed by a team of Logistic and Information Technology professionals with the aim of providing a value for money logistics system to help small-medium sized enterprises and multi-national corporations to manage their warehousing operations. CRiSTAL has been deployed by clients to manage their warehousing operations globally including Australia, Dubai, Germany Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Uk, etc. Some of these clients include DBS Bank, Changi International Logistics Centre Ltd, “K” Line Air Service Pte Ltd, etc.