Strong support gives CTES peace of mind



"It is vital that iWV has a strong technical team who can provide support and stability to us whenever we need. Thank you Antonio, who have been so patient with us and helping to resolve all our issues. Thank you iWV, for taking this journey with us so far. I will definitely recommend your services." - Christina Tin Managing Director CTES Consulting Pte Ltd

Situation: When CTES started their business in 2005, they hosted their domain, email and website with Singnet. After their expansion in 2007, their hosting plan was no longer able to cope with the volume. CTES also realized that all the talents’ data was kept in each recruiter’s laptop. There was a need to consolidate these data to ensure business continuity. They decided to create a central data depository with a CRM system tied to each recruiter.

Task: CTES was looking for a vendor to provide them with dedicated servers to host their CRM system, email and website. As they did not have any in-house IT resources, they were looking for an experienced vendor to recommend the best course of action.

Action: CTES shortlisted several vendors and was eventually recommended to iWV. Upon hearing their requirements, iWV put together 2 dedicated servers to host their CRM, email and website separately. This ensured CTES has enough resources to house all their data and at the same time, ensuring no single point of failure.

Result: After hosting with iWV, CTES can now store existing and incoming talent data from their website within their central depository system. They no longer have to worry about business continuity should any recruiter leave the organization. By hosting on a dedicated server, they now have dedicated resources to handle the high online traffic from their website and email. The safe and secured environment iWV provided gave them the peace of mind to bring their business further.

Founded in 2005, CTES Consulting started off by collaborating with clients to provide training and consulting, mainly in the areas of wealth management and financial planning. As part of their expansion plan in 2007, they decided to branch out into Executive Search and Recruitment Services. Since then, they have helped many organizations and associations to search for the right talent to enhance business performance as well as matching their candidates with the right employer.