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Enhance Productivity Through Office 365

Microsoft New World of Work Study* states that 71% of employees in Singapore are required to work outside of office hours and 67% are already spending more than 20% of time working outside the office.

Maintaining control over a workforce that is constantly on the move can be a challenge. You don’t want to expose sensitive data nor limit your productivity. Microsoft understands these issues and the result is Office 365 For Business which provides you with:

  • Your familiar Office Applications anywhere - let you create, edit, and share from your PC/Mac or your iOS, Android™, or Windows device with anyone in real time
  • Business class email address - for your company to build name recognition
  • Communication tools– for you to connect with customers and colleagues through email, IM, Skype, Delve, etc.

With ICONZ-Webvisions’ (iWV) experience and expertise in helping small and midsize businesses, coupled with solutions built on Microsoft products, we can help you do your best work anywhere with the protection and control that your business requires. 

*Base : N = 2,000 respondents from 10 countries in Asia Pacific  


3 Reasons Why O365 is Preferred Over Google Apps


Privacy – Ensure the Privacy of Your Business Information

Microsoft invests in secure data centers, with separate architecture for consumer and business, to give you a peace of mind. Google Apps single privacy policy is shared across both consumer and business services. Google also offers minimal Data Loss Prevention capabilities, hence users cannot ensure that their data does not leak via Gmail.


Productivity – Consistent Across Any Devices & Platforms, Any Time

Productivity is consistent with Office 365, whether online or offline. Users can continue working with their office client on desktop, even if they experience network issues. In comparison, Google Apps for Work is only limited to Chrome browser. It does not allow you to share Office documents when stored in Google Drive.


Reliability – Financially-Backed 99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The Office 365 SLA, measured using a transparent methodology, covers every user and every component of the suite. Uptime figures for Google Apps for Work is a composite of both their consumer and business services and the downtime is recognize only until 5% of their user base is impacted.


Exchange Online

Part of the Office 365 suite, Exchange Online is a business-class hosted email service integrated with contacts, shared calendar and other Office 365 applications.

  • Simplified admin centre allows you to set up new user emails, restore recently deleted accounts and create custom scripts easily
  • Email is protected by industry-leading anti-malware and anti-spam filtering as well as remote wipe capabilities
  • Shared calendar and contacts and the ability to save and share attachments using OneDrive help simplify collaboration


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