K2 consolidates their application to cloud



"Ever since we host with ICONZ-Webvisons cloud, we never had any issues. Customer service is very proactive and would respond immediately when I reach out to them. I strongly recommend iWV cloud hosting solutions to anyone looking for a reliable vendor." - Thirumalai Kumar IT Manager K2 Specialist Services Pte Ltd

Situation: K2 was hosting their web server, applications server and clients’ database on their own server. There were a lot of potential risks since both internal and external customers were accessing the same server. If the server goes down, their business could potentially come to a standstill. They were also facing a huge issue with low bandwidth which resulted in slow access to their website.

Task: K2 was looking at someone to help them host their servers out of their own premises and possibly separate the web server, applications server and clients’ database server.

Action: ICONZ-Webvisions (iWV) proposed a cloud hosting solution for K2 to house their web server, applications server and clients’ database. iWV’s comprehensive cloud solution also provided them with a backup solution on top of hosting their servers and database separately. This will ensure K2 will always be business-as-usual at all times. To resolve their bandwidth issue, iWV also proposed a dedicated bandwidth for their web server to handle the massive traffic.

Result: Previously, being on a shared hosting service and sharing resources like IP, bandwidth, etc, their IP was blacklisted when other customers on the shared IP were detected with spamming activities. Due to this blacklisting, a lot of their outgoing emails were regarded as spam mail. This was immediately resolved after they switched to iWV dedicated cloud hosting,. They no longer need to manage 2-3 different vendors as they could now consolidate all hosting solutions under iWV. The web server and database are now hosted separately from the applications server. In the event that any of these should fail, they are able to recover quickly with their last backup.

K2 Specialist Services Pte Ltd provides a comprehensive range of services that spans the entire lifecycle of the global rig, floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) and offshore industry. K2 has completed thousands of projects worldwide while maintaining an impeccable safety record, ensuring K2’s position as an industry leader of quality and safety standards. This is further reinforced by their strong training division, which has trained thousands of clients and staff in safety, rescue and industry best practices.