Zouk goes dedicated with iWV


"ICONZ-Webvisions’ support team gave us a bandwidth upgrade with no questions asked when our existing bandwidth could not handle the overwhelming online ticket sales of our event, I AM Hardwell. As a result of their prompt response, all tickets were sold out within 24 hours. Benny Heng General Manager Zouk Management Pte Ltd" - Benny Heng General Manager Zouk Management Pte Ltd

Situation: As the club evolved, the scope of their IT requirements widened as it was imperative for their operations to run smoothly. One of their issues was the lack of in-house IT resources and manpower to oversee the entire IT operations. They were having various vendors managing different aspectS of their IT needs and they were having difficulties managing all the vendors. The only way was to out-source their IT operations to a SI (System Integrator) whereby they only needed to liaise with one single point of contact.

Task: Zouk needed someone to help them host their CRM application and web servers out of their premises. ICONZ-Webvisions (iWV) was recommended by the SI to help Zouk resolve this issue.

Action: iWV put together a competitive proposal of Dedicated Servers lined with professional managed services that catered to the requirements of Zouk.

Result: Having housed their CRM application and web servers on iWV’s dedicated Servers, Zouk never had to worry about their operations anymore. Our dedicated and responsive support has ensured a near zero downtime for their website. Even when they faced an overwhelming response for one of their events, I AM Hardwell “United We Are”, their allocated bandwidth could not handle the traffic that was going to their ticketing sales microsite. iWV’s first response was to increase their bandwidth immediately to help them tide over the issue instead of dwelling on the standard protocols and approvals needed. In the end, Zouk saw a sellout of their 2,000 tickets within 24 hours.

Launched in March 1991, Zouk has grown into a club like none other in Asia. It has managed to retain its #5 ranking in the DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs global poll (generally considered to be the industry authority for this particular ranking) the past 2 years. This is no small feat given that Zouk is the only club from the Asia-Pacific region to be regularly placed in the top 10. The allure of Zouk is generated by 5 distinctively different clubs – Velvet Underground Lounge, Velvet Underground, Phuture, Zouk and Wine Bar.